Featured Monthly Cat Charity

This is our listing of cat charities we are helping by month. We will share info about what each charity does and where they are located. The listings on this page will include the name of the charity and their website address.

If you would like to be a featured charity we offer:
*No cost to the charities. Completely free to be a part of magazine.
*You will be paid on the first of the month after you are the featured monthly charity.
*We will pay via PayPal.
*We will post info on your charity—where you are located, contact info, what you do, etc.
*We can post which animals you have for adoption and/or events for the month.
*Possibility of being the featured charity for another Cat Tales Book.

January 2019 No Charity
February 2019 No Charity
March 2019 No Charity
April 2019 No Charity
May 2019 No Charity
June 2019 No Charity
July 2019 No Charity
August 2019 No Charity
September 2019 No Charity
October 2019 To Be Announced
November 2019 To Be Announced
December 2019 To Be Announced