To Eat, or Not to Eat (Monthly Cat Care Article)

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photo by Clarabelle Fields 

Disclaimer: the staff writers here are not vets nor are they qualified to give medical advice. This article’s purpose is strictly to share stories/information and should not be used for diagnostic purposes. Please take your cat to the vet if you suspect anything might be wrong with them. Your vet will know best what to do in your specific situation.

To eat, or not to eat? If your cat is anything like Julius, they might be inquisitive little foodies who want to discover the various tastes the world has to offer. They might want to graze in the garden, steal scraps off your plate, or partake in tantalizing human munchies. Sometimes, however, it might not be apparent that ingesting certain foods isn’t good for them — in some cases, ingesting certain plants or foods could result in serious harm to the curious feline involved. So what is safe for cats to eat, and what isn’t? (Note: cats really should not be eating food that isn’t meant for them, but we all know that sometimes they manage to obtain, ahem, supplementary nutrition from human kitchens and gardens, so it’s good to be prepared with knowledge of what is safe and what is toxic in such cases.)

Some foods and plants are extremely toxic to cats and should not be ingested even in small amounts. Doing so could cause the cat extreme illness or even organ failure. These foods and plants include: Chocolate, raisins, grapes, alcohol, caffeine, onions, garlic, crocuses, lilies, tulips, and daffodils. 

If you suspect that your cat has ingested any of these substances, take them to a vet right away, especially if they show signs of distress or if their urine changes color.

Some foods are safe for cats to eat, although they should consume these in moderation. These foods include: cooked meat, cooked fish, oats, rice, eggs, bananas, apples, broccoli, peas, and more. You can check out a longer list here. Cats can also safely enjoy a number of plants and herbs as well, including: wheat grass, parsley, and mint. 

Those new friends better stay hidden from Emperor Julius!

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