New Little Friends

Image may contain: cat, flower and plant
photo by Clarabelle Fields 

We have some new friends staying with us, my dear followers. I have been very excited about these friends because they are my favorite kind of friends: they are quiet, and pleasant, and above all, they are edible! I love these new friends!

My human brought them home one day and left them out on the table so I could greet them. I always like to greet new friends when they come to my empire. So I did my royal duty by jumping up on the table and giving these newcomers a friendly welcome. They were certainly unusual to me at first, because I don’t usually have plants as visitors. They were very tiny and green and they had a unique perfume. Usually plants smell sweet or grassy, but these smelled different. They smelled sharp and a little spicy, and although I didn’t like it at first, I wanted to be polite and entertain my new guests. I wanted to sit with them and start a conversation to learn more about them, and I was just starting to do that, but my human ran in and rudely interrupted, whisking the plants away before we could get properly acquainted — her accusation was that I was planning to eat them. Maybe, but not before a proper introduction!

For a while, the plants stayed in one of the guest rooms, locked away from me. I sat outside the door and tried to find opportunities to get inside and continue getting to know my guests, but I wouldn’t get to steal more than several extra seconds with them before my human would notice me and kick me back out. Now my new friends are sitting outside on the back porch, where they do not seem to notice me staring at them from the window. It’s sad, but I know one day I will get to know these new friends. I might even get to give them a loving nibble.


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