My Girl Much Too Silly

picture taken in Second Life by Ali Noel Vyain of her avatar

A picture my girl took while in Second Life as her alter ego and a giant me…

What did I do to deserve someone as silly as she is? She likes to tease and play. This is not my ideal companion. How did this happen? Oh, she drives me crazy when she’s acting so silly! *Sigh* At least she calms down and does her work for hours on end. Otherwise, I wouldn’t get enough sleep or meditation done.

Why does she laugh so much? Why does like to play so much? She is an adult. I thought adults didn’t play as much as she does. We’re more serious and we have work to do. But yet, she likes to play with me. I’d walk around our place and without any warning, she’d tug on my tail. I’d ask her why she did it and she replied, she couldn’t resist.

Sometimes she’s just as bad as a kitten. Kittens of course like to play a lot. They wrestle each other every chance they get. They will tug on each other’s tails. They even play with their mother. She might play with them. But a human doing the same exact thing? I had no idea one would do that to me as much as my girl does.

She was one who would get out stuffed animals and make them play with me! I didn’t understand at first. That is until she finally told me and showed me that those kinds of animals couldn’t move on their own. She held one that was very much like a black cat. She held it up in the air while we stood on the floor. Then she let go and the black cat fell straight down to the floor and just laid there. I watched the cat closely as it fell. This was the same cat that I had smacked on its forehead and there was no response from the cat.

So, that was it. My girl just likes to play with stuffed animals. They aren’t alive as I am. I’m glad she told me the truth. Otherwise, I’d would have freaked out too much and far too often…

My girl is just as bad as the fairies who keep visiting me. She has seen me running around crazily when they visited me. I don’t know if she saw the little fairies on my back. But I suppose that’s another story…

At least she is gentle. She likes it when I want to play the red paw game. It makes her laugh. There were times when she wanted to get up out of bed when I was laying on her. She’d ask me to get off of her, and I refused to move. She deserved it. She was my girl and at my service when I needed her. She should have known that by then.

Then when she didn’t stop, we played a game of red paws. Eventually, I let her get up. Sometimes she would complain that she would lose her head if it wasn’t attached. What silliness is that? She’d say it whenever she would leave our place to go out and run errands or whatever it is that she does when she’s out and then come right back inside because she had forgotten something.

There were times that she liked to move me around on the floor. I would try to extend my claws to keep me anchored, but there is flooring on which that doesn’t work. And that happens to be the kind of flooring she’d push me around on. I just never understood why she liked to do that to me. She never did it long, but it was still annoying.

Yes, she was and is this silly. I’m not making this up. She was too silly for me and my tastes. But I know she loves me and takes good care of me. So, I just have to look the other way when she’s acting too silly. It was as much as I could ever do with her.

Lucky for me, she doesn’t play with me for too long. If she had insisted on doing it for quite a while longer, I would have had to call it quits on our relationship. So, she knows not to take it too far.

Oh, and my name wasn’t originally Sir Socks. It was just Socks. My girl decided one day to knight me. I have no idea why. It was completely silly. She said she knighted me and touched me lightly on both shoulders, one at a time. She has called me Sir Socks ever since. She even has gone as far as to compliment me on how much braver I am since being knighted. Especially around stuffed animals.

They no longer bother me. In fact, I don’t mind loafing among them because they all smell like my girl. My silly girl who plays like the whirlwind that she is.

photo taken by Ali Noel Vyain

me, the only live animal in this picture

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