graphic by Ali Noel Vyain

When we cats talk, all you humans hear is meow. But we do use actual words. I myself have learned lots of English over the years living among humans. I have tried to speak English, but sadly my vocal apparatus won’t let me form the sounds correctly.

So, I’ve learned to adapt my cat language so that humans would understand me. Too many have complained that I’m loud and whiny. I’m just assertive. I am particular as to how I like to be care for. It seems to me that too many humans are too distracted or just simply don’t care enough to even listen and try.

That is until I met my girl. She is the best caregiver and caretaker I could ever ask for. She listens to my complains and requests and does something about them all. She’s learned and become so good at taking care of me that I don’t need to talk as much as I used to.

She just knows what to do now. I’ve very lucky. I’ve known many humans in my time and she’s the best one for me in spite of how silly she gets at times. *Sigh.* I do love her dearly in spite of her silliness.

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