The Benefits of Having a Crafty Human

photo by Clarabelle Fields

I might sometimes complain about my human — especially regarding her unfair policies about diets — but overall, I would say I am a very lucky cat and that I picked my human quite well. Many humans are kind and loving, like my human is, but I also enjoy a great number of additional benefits thanks to my good luck and the wise guidance of my discerning feline heart — my human loves all kinds of crafts, and as such, I always have a steady supply of new and fascinating crafty things to taste, sit on, sit in, and examine. She keeps me entertained with her ever-growing stash of craft supplies. Every day there’s something new. New bags, new baskets, new yarn, new snacks. I wait until she goes to sleep, because that is my golden hour when I will be undisturbed, and then I begin my explorations.

So much to do, so much to paw, so much to eat! Yarn and ribbon and fabric and string! Glitter and plastic and pom poms and more! Paint to step in! Lace to tear! Paper to eat! So many edible, scratchable, bitable things — shiny things, stringy things, glittery things, papery things, ribbony things!

The possibilities are limitless — I can kick the yarn and break its neck. I can eat the ribbon and the string. I can nibble the craft paper and bite the plastic. I can claw the boxes and pounce inside. I can roll in the cloth and eat the fleece. I can knock over the beads. I can bat the pom poms. There is always something fun to do at night. Her closet is my jungle gym, and her craft supplies are my treasure.

I am a fit, lively explorer, the explorer of shiny, edible things! Every cat should have a crafty human to keep them young at heart!

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