graphic by Ali Noel Vyain

We cats do a lot of purring. I know humans have wondered why and they like to study us. They can with our permission. Don’t ever forget that. I find it’s easy to purr when someone knows how to pet me just right. Of course they like to stop before I’m ready for them to and I tell them to keep petting me.

Then there was a time when I couldn’t purr. It wasn’t good. Apparently I had developed a heart murmur and my girl could hear it. She said nothing to me about it. I did hear the vet mention it. The vet thought that I had lost a heart valve. So, for a while I couldn’t purr.

My girl continued to take care of me and give me lots of love. And you know what? She’s full of healing energy and she doesn’t mind sharing it whether it leaks out or not. Some of it spilled over into me and eventually I was able to purr again.

I still had the heart murmur, but at least I could purr again and continue to get better or at least not get any worse. I had missed purring. It’s something I like to do whenever I meditate.

My girls says she heard one of my brothers also had a heart murmur. So perhaps that part was genetic. I just feel grateful to my girl for helping me to heal and to purr again.

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