An imperial message on cat beds

photo by Clarabelle Fields

We all know that cats need a variety of nice beds to sleep in. We cats are certainly connoisseurs of comfort and luxury, and this discerning taste only becomes more refined with age and experience. I have slept in/on a great number of different beds in my time, and I’m going to share my wisdom with you all today and rank my favorite sleeping spots.

#5: The Tried and True Cat Bed 

I have two cat beds, which my human has smartly placed on the floor beside a large window. They are good, sturdy, practical things. They’re soft enough for a quick nap and they keep my butt warm and add extra comfort when I’m watching birds, but they’re nothing remarkable. True luxury exists elsewhere.

#4: The Couch 

I like the couch more than my cat beds because it’s off the floor and much softer. I can stretch out and lounge on blankets and cushions. It also gives me a good view of my domain.

#3: My Human’s Bed

This was the best sleeping spot I knew for years. Warm, cushioned, and plush, the bed is certainly an unparalleled kind of luxury.  I can sleep here for hours in all sorts of positions: stretched out, on my back, cat loaf, and more. I can rest my head on pillows and snuggle with my human. The bed is a solid, staple favorite of mine.

#2: My Cat Tree 

Oh, how my life changed forever once I got my tree! I love my cat tree! It combines so many of my favorite things together — I can be up high, reclining in plush luxury, and I can watch birds comfortably from my window. I spend many hours of my day in my cat tree. It offers great versatility, allowing me to carry out my favorite activities in warmth and comfort.

#1: My Basket 

Don’t get my wrong — I love my tree, I love my human’s bed, but this one takes the cake above everything. I never knew how wonderful baskets were until recently. I discovered this by accident and a true stroke of luck. There is something so beautifully, enticingly rustic and wild about being in a basket. It makes you feel like a true tiger, surrounded by nature, sleeping in the rough. It fits me snugly and perfectly, and I sleep just like a kitten. I would recommend a well-fitted basket to every cat who can get one!

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