Financial Report for January 2019

image from Ali Noel Vyain

For our first official issue, I think we’ve done well. I am a little disappointed we don’t have a featured monthly charity yet. But we still have some good articles written by humans, elves, and cats. Sir Socks is even claiming that his book of memoirs is nearly ready. That cat might wear me out with his book. But then again, once his book is done and ready for release, then perhaps I will have more time to work on my books again. Being a translator for a cat is not an easy job. In this case, I was able to do it because of how well I know him. People can’t believe I put up with him. They think he is too whiny. He’s just particular about how he wants to be looked after. He is the one who taught me how to take excellent care of cats. I’m forever grateful for him for his teachings. Without him, I’d be far too lonely to function well in this crazy well.

Summary for January 2019:
no money in or out
over 944 hits on the blog
about 224 people get the posts emailed to them
26 people follow via WordPress
62 copies sold; US$435.04 raised for Dingo Venezia from Cat Tales of the Frisky9 Scarf Army

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