Kitty in Other Languages

graphic from Ali Noel Vyain

When Nuri and I were in Italy, people tended to call her gattina. She liked to get out of our apartment and roll around on the floor. She’d make her happy sound as she greeted new humans who were smiling at her. Gattina is kitty in Italian.

Here is kitty in other languages (source):
Albanian: kotele
Basque: kitty
Belarusian: кацяня
Bosnian: mače
Bulgarian: писенце
Catalan: gatet
Croatian: mače
Czech: koťátko
Danish: kitty
Dutch: pot
Estonian: kiisu
Finnish: kisu
French: minou
Galician: gatinho
German: Miezekatze
Greek: γατούλα(gatoúla)
Hungarian: cica
Icelandic: Kitty
Irish: Kitty
Italian: gattino/gattina
Latvian: kaķēns
Lithuanian: katytė
Macedonian: писе
Maltese: kitty
Norwegian: pus
Polish: koteczek
Portuguese: gatinha
Romanian: Kitty
Russian: Китти(Kitti)
Serbian: маче(mache)
Slovak: mačiatko
Slovenian: kitty
Spanish: bote
Swedish: pott
Ukrainian: кошеня(koshenya)
Welsh: Kitty
Yiddish: קיטי

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