Cat in Other Languages

graphic from Ali Noel Vyain

Lots of people love cats the world over. Those of us on the staff of Sir Socks Le Chat are no exception. We have not defined any specific local for this magazine. It’s just online and floating around the Internet for all to see.

In case you haven’t noticed, we have Google Translate as a part of this site in case you want to get an idea of what the articles look like in a different language. I am well aware that Google Translate isn’t perfect. I have read things from other languages that were translated into English using Google Translate. The results aren’t that readable at times, but I was able to get the gist of what the writers had intended.

So, to include others around the world, we are adding a section on cat vocabulary. This is to recognize there are many more languages in the world other than English. A common language does help, but not at the expense of getting rid of other languages. And also to give an idea of how cats are viewed in different cultures around the world.

We’ll start with one word. Probably the most important in this magazine: cat.

Here’s our list for the word ‘cat’ in other languages.
Albanian: macë
Arabic: kitte
Armenian: katu
Basque: catua
Bulgarian: kotka
Cantonese: Maow
Catalan: gat
Cherokee (Tsalagi): eesa
Chinese: miu or mau
Cree : bushi
Czech: kocka
Dutch: kat or poes
Egyptian: miw
English: cat
Eskimo: pussi
Esperanto: kato
Estonian: kass or kiisu
Ethiopian: domadh
Farsi: gorbe
Filipino: cat or pusa
Finnish: kissa
French: chat
Fula (New Guinea): gnari
Gaelic: pishyakan / Piscín, cait
German: katti, katze or ket
Greek: gata, gati
Gujarati (India): biladi
Gypsy: muca
Hawaiian : popoki
Hebrew: cha’tool
Hindi: billi
Hungarian: cica/macska
Icelandic: kottur
Indian: biladi gujarati
Indonesian: kuching, kutjing
Irish : cat
Italian: gatto
Japanese: neko
Kannada (Indian): bekku
Kmer: chma
Latin: cattus or felis
Lithuanian: katinas
Malayalam (Indian): poocha
Malay/Indonesian: kucing
Maltese: qattus
Mayan: miss, miz
Netherlands: kat (male); poes (female)
New Guinea: gnari fula
Norwegian: katt
Pakistani: shimii
Plains Cree Indians: minoos
Polish: kot or gatto
Portuguese: gato
Pusa: cat
Romanian: pisica
Romansch: giat
Russian: koshka (female); kot (male)
Sanskrit: marjara
Serbo-Croatian: macka
Slovak: mačka; muca
Spanish: gato
Swahili: paka
Swedish: katt
Swiss-German: büsi, chatz
Tamil: poonai
Tatalog (Philipino): pusa
Thai/Vietnamese: meo
Turkish: kedi
Ukrainian: kitska (female); kit (male)
Vietnamese: mèo
Welsh: cath
Yiddish: kats
Zulu: Ikati

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