Featured Monthly Charity?

A couple of us from this new magazine have reached out to two cat charities. Clarabelle had better luck than I’ve had. The charity she reached out to actually talked to her and it sounded favorable, but now the board of directors has to approve it.

I sent out an email as an inquiry and I haven’t heard anything back. If this keeps up, then I may have to take down the featured monthly charity. It is a shame. It’s a good feature to have in an online magazine about cats. Real pictures of cats who are waiting to be adopted. More information about the charity itself. All for free to the charity itself. Plus, a chance to get some extra donations from our readers.

If you are a cat charity anywhere in the world and you would like some free advertising, feel free to contact us. We would love to help you and the cats you’re helping.

Well, if no one responds to us soon, then I will have to drop the section. Our first official issue will appear in January 2019 and will expand upon all the little sneak previews we’ve been teasing you with.

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