The Wisdom of Sir Socks

photo taken by Ali Noel Vyain

Inspired by Sir Socks…

poem from Honoring the Cats in My Life

Take a nap often.
Dream often.
Eat well.
Enjoy your food.
Strive to be well-loved.
Have plenty of companions.
Play sometimes, even after becoming an adult.
Love with your whole heart.
Speak up for yourself.
Don’t try to carry the whole burden—share with others.
Don’t be afraid to ask for help—we can’t do everything.
Enjoy life as much as possible.
Stretch a few times a day.
Wrestle or argue when tension is high between loved ones.
Cuddling and petting are forms of love—don’t forget to cuddle and pet me everyday.
Take good care of yourself and your loved ones.
Don’t abandon your loved ones—I hate to be lonely.
Find a good place to grow roots—I hate moving.
Make sure that kittens know their limits.
Discipline them when they forget.
Kittens are annoying.
Adolescents aren’t much better.
Adults are laid back and relaxed (usually).
Don’t work so hard.
Don’t stay away from home for too long—I miss you.
Many dogs are mean and cruel—don’t bring one home.
Austin is mean. You’re silly. I’m glad he doesn’t live here.
At least when you move me around in the big world, you put me in a carrier—I hate travelling in cars. Your trike isn’t much better for me.
Many humans have no respect for anyone—that’s why I avoid them as much as possible.
You’re a klutz, but I know you still love me. Please don’t step on me.
Jack said he’s blind. He wasn’t a klutz, yet you wear glasses too.
You say that you can’t see as well in the dark as well as I can. Thanks for the warning. I hate it when you walk into me. At least your hearing is good.
Please don’t ever play the flute again—it’s too scary for me to listen.
Your violin playing getting better—I hate listening to all your mistakes.
I enjoy your piano playing.

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