Missing Socks

photo taken by Ali Noel Vyain

Inspired by Sir Socks…

poem from Honoring the Cats in My Life

You are my first cat;
Nothing can change that fact.
I didn’t know much of cats
before you.
I gave you lots of love and attention—
like you wanted and asked.
I gave you good food
to keep you strong and healthy.
I gave you a little cat companion
to keep you company while I’m away.
I’m sorry if the kitten drove you crazy—
you were with him for a whole month.
I let you out because you wanted to go.

Now, I haven’t seen you and
I miss you terribly.
I wish you would come back home.
I miss your quietness.
I miss you watching me.
I miss you cuddling up to me,
lying on my stomach.
I miss your jumping on my furniture.
I miss you clawing my couch.
I miss you twitching your whiskers.
I miss you eating your food.
I miss watching you bath yourself.
I miss your yellow eyes, your mostly black hair.
Socki, I want to see you again.
I miss your meows.

I’m sure you can take care of yourself.
You were once an indoor/outdoor cat.
You could come and go as you pleased.
I wouldn’t mind setting that kind of arrangement
up for you.
I don’t know where you are, but
please come back to me.
The kitten misses you, too.
I’ll leave some catnip for you.

I hope you’re alright.
I hope you’re exploring the neighborhood.
I hope you’re enjoying your solitude—
You did need it after raising a kitten.
I hope you’re eating.
Please come home, Socki, I miss you.
My life is not the same without you.
When will you come back?

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