Hello, meet your new emperor

Photo by Clarabelle Fields

Hello there, my name is Julius, and I’m the emperor of this household. Even though I’m orange, I’m not actually named after an Orange Julius, as appropriate as that might be. My mom is obsessed with Romans (as well as cats), so she named me after Julius Caesar. I chose her to be my human two years ago because I was tired of living in a crowded, noisy shelter where there was no good food. My old humans just left me there when I was a kitten and never bothered to come back for me. Before Clarabelle came along, another human adopted me and returned me because they couldn’t deal with my vivacity. But I did a good job charming Clarabelle–she adopted me immediately and took me home without a second thought!

Even though I’m an emperor and have to constantly remind my subjects that I’m in charge (breakfast is served every day at 5 am, no exceptions), I’m a kind, benevolent ruler and make sure my subjects know they are loved and appreciated. I love snuggles and cuddles, so I make the most of every opportunity I have to be near my human. When she’s sitting down, I sit in her lap; when she’s in bed, I snuggle with her; when she’s in the bathroom, I sit near her; when she walks around the house, I follow her. I never bite or scratch her because she is kind to me and I am kind in return. The only problem I have with her is that she tries to hinder some of my activities, which is frustrating. She doesn’t like it when I search for goodies in the trash can or when I steal things out of her purse, and she doesn’t let me eat plastic or tape, even though it tastes amazing. She also sometimes serves my breakfast late, which makes me extremely angry, but I always forgive her because she is so nice to me.

I’m very happy with my empire as it currently is, and I hope it stays this way. I never expected that I could end up as such a happy and successful emperor.





3 thoughts on “Hello, meet your new emperor

  1. Yes, I know about the having to remind my girl to do things for me. I don’t remember how many times I’ve had to remind her to give me food. I swear she has no sense of time! But at least she gives me wet food every time I ask for it…


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